Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong sentenced to 3 months jail

Hong Kong (dpa) - The Hong Kong High Court on Wednesday sentenced democracy activist Joshua Wong to three months in prison for contempt of court relating to his role in the 2014 "Umbrella" protests.

The 21-year-old activist was found guilty of the charge in October alongside 19 other activists after they failed to comply with a court order to clear a protest site in November 2014.

Chief Justice Andrew Chan said the sentence would be served consecutively to another 6-month prison sentence Wong received for his actions at a separate protest.

The court will reconvene later Wednesday to determine if Wong will serve the sentence immediately.

Wong, who was aged just 18 in 2014, is currently out on bail appealing a separate 6-month sentence in the Court of Final Appeal.

Fellow leader Raphael Wong was sentenced to four months and 15 days in prison for his "deep and extensive involvement" in resisting the clearance of the protest site.

Fourteen other protesters received suspended prison terms of between one and two months, three of whom received additional fines of between 10,000 Hong Kong dollars (1,278 dollars) and 15,000 dollars.

Four additional protesters were sentenced in late November and also received suspended prison terms.

In his ruling, Chan said that while "every citizen of Hong Kong has the right to publicly protest against anything which displeases him and publicly proclaim his views" the protest site prevented “ordinary citizens of Hong Kong in going about their daily routine.”

"When the livelihood of our ordinary citizens has been adversely affected... the court had to intervene and protect not just the right of the protesters but also the right to live of the vast majority of people," he wrote. 

The 79-day protests, which began in late September 2014 and occupied large parts of the city, called for the direct election of Hong Kong’s chief executive, its highest ranking leader.

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