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Cambodia Will Be Asia's Next Online Shopping Battleground

For most residents of Cambodia, the postal system has a bad reputation. It can take weeks for an item to arrive from abroad, and without a computerized system, recipients often have to look up their package by country of origin in handwritten notebooks. Sometimes their arrival is accompanied by surprise customs fees, and sometimes it doesn’t arrive at all.

Flipping condos in Phnom Penh

While this construction boom has been enthusiastically endorsed by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, the absence of long-term planning could irreversibly change the face of some of the city’s most distinctive neighborhoods in exchange for short-term economic gains.

Hun Sen has led Cambodia for most of the past 30 years – he was most recently elected prime minister in 1998 – but his grip on Cambodian politics has begun to slip as the country undergoes a demographic shift, with 63 per cent of the population under 30. The next elections are in 2018.

Mountain high: Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains

Stretching from southern Cambodia and over the border into Thailand, the Cardamoms cover more than 809,000 hectares, according to Wildlife Alliance. Its website states that the southern Cardamoms are “a mosaic of protected areas and protected forests that form Cambodia’s largest intact forest, one of Asia’s last remaining elephant corridors and one of the region’s most important watersheds”.