Cambodia Will Be Asia's Next Online Shopping Battleground

For most residents of Cambodia, the postal system has a bad reputation. It can take weeks for an item to arrive from abroad, and without a computerized system, recipients often have to look up their package by country of origin in handwritten notebooks. Sometimes their arrival is accompanied by surprise customs fees, and sometimes it doesn’t arrive at all.

Flipping condos in Phnom Penh

While this construction boom has been enthusiastically endorsed by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, the absence of long-term planning could irreversibly change the face of some of the city’s most distinctive neighborhoods in exchange for short-term economic gains.

Khmer Rouge leaders aware of torture at S-21

Duch said the policy of Khmer Rouge party leaders from 1971 onwards was to “smash” any enemies, a euphemism meaning execution. Executions of entire families was common, he said. "After 1975 when the parents were taken away and killed, the children would be taken away and killed" also, he told the court.

Mekong River dolphins draw close to extinction

The majority of the Mekong’s dolphins, around 80, live in Cambodia, just 184 kilometres over the border from Don Khon. The Irrawaddy River in Myanmar was home to just 59 river dolphins at the most recent count in 2003, according to IUCN, a number that has likely decreased since then.